August 2008

Cactus Needles Knitting Guild
Meeting Minutes 8/4/2008

•    The meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm.
•    Mary opened and welcomed guests Linda Snyder, Toni Kochevar Dawn Goetz, and Susan Davis.
•    A Happy Birthday to Cindy Adams, Michael Smith, Lesley Frye and Diane Miller was wished
•    Velvet read the minutes from July, they were passed as written.
•    Cara passed out the Business cards and the Rack cards will be available at the next meeting
•    The August minutes will be posted, please read before the September meeting, as they will not be read at the meeting, but just motioned and passed.
•    Jo-Ann gave the altruistic report
o    The WWII Veteran Scarf project will be mailed out in October, a suggested pattern is available
o    Stitches of Love is still collecting caps for Boys and scarf for Girls
o    There is a collection for Shawls, scarves and hats for Bolivia
o    Next meeting there are plans to distribute a Project Linus yarn for a blanket
o    The “prize patrol” will continue, anyone who turns in an item for one of the altruistic projects will have their name in the pot for one of three drawings for a prize.

•    Bev Walker gave a “News around Town” report regarding events & knitting news around town
o    Tempe Yarn and Fiber will have a new mystery knit project in the form of a blanket.  The blanket will measure 36x56 and the cost is estimated between $60 - $110.  Pre orders start August 1st. This project will start November 1st and 2-3 clues a week will be posted. You can pay $10 participation fee and provide your own yarn.
o    A new knitting store Knit Happens will open on July, 28th, they are still in need of part-time help
o    The Fiber Factory has a new yarn called Marisol from Peru, part of the price of the yarn goes back to Peru and schools are being built with the funds.
o    Bev has the registration form for the Tucson Guild’s January fashion show fundraiser.

•    Fran gave the Treasurer’s report: there are currently 32 paid members and a balance of $2680.60 in the bank.
•    Regina is now our new Communications person.  Jackie has retired.  Thank you Jackie for all of your hard work.
•    The September meeting will start with the program.  Terri Neal will be conducting a Spinning Demo.
•    The meeting concluded with a show and share of “first” and current projects from around the room.
•    The meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm.