June 2008

The meeting was called to order.  Betty Jensen reminded everyone that this was her last meeting as President.  She thanked her staff for all of the help and support that they gave her during her term.  The Minutes were read from the May meeting.  Larry Frazin made a motion to accept and Donna Sherrill seconded the motion.  The motion was passed by acclamation.

Treasures Report
•    Fran reported that the current balance is $2,468.50.  Currently, there is a bill for $50 that needs to be paid.  If anyone else has anything that needs to be paid, please let her know.
•    So far, we have 26 members that have paid dues for the next fiscal year.  Dues should be paid to Larry or Fran.

•    Mary Schirtzinger welcomed Lisa and Josie, who are guests for the evening.  Lisa found out about the Guild through Cara’s husband, who built her website.  Josie taught Lisa how to knit, and Lisa taught Josie how to crochet.
•    Welcome Deanna Ikea, who was a member in the past and has decided to join again.  Also, welcome to Liz Rees, who was a former member and President.
•    Mary Schirtzinger wished a happy birthday to Carol Butler  on the 1st,   Larry Frazin on the 12th,  Marcia French on the 19th,  and Cynthia Peplinski on the 25th.
•    Mary passed out a Membership Questionaire to everyone, asking them to complete it to help the new Executive Board know what everyone is interested in.

Old Business
•    The sign in sheet for “Sponsor Your Own Knitting Event” was distributed for the next year for anyone interested in hosting their own event.  Location, timing, etc., is up to the discretion of whoever chooses to host it.
•    Bev Walker distributed an informational sheet for anyone interested in attending the “Choose Your Own Adventure” retreat that is being sponsored by Tempe Yarn and Fiber on July 11th and 12th.  Call and make reservations if interested.   Bev strongly encouraged us to support our local functions and encouraged as many as possible to participate.
•    Bev also talked about the Mystery Bag Knitalong that Tempe Yarn and Fiber is sponsoring.  Several members of the Guild are participating.  If interested, purchase the yarn for the project from Tempe Yarn and Fiber.  You will then be given access to the Yahoo group sign on information.  Beginning June 11, there will be a new clue every day until you have everything you need for the finished product.  All of the details are on the Tempe Yarn and Fiber website.
•    Bev also announced a Stick and Pitch on August 24th.  Tickets can be purchased at the Fiber Factory and Tempe Yarn and Fiber.  If enough interest is generated, renting a bus and sharing the cost may be considered.

•    Francine announced that there will be no group project this month.  Until our next project is announced, keep knitting orphan squares.  These are strips or squares that can be knitted to any size and need to be made with yarn suitable for Project Linus, which means they must be machine washable and dryable.
•    Currently, we have 723 caps that are being submitted to the Back to School organization from our cap challenge, largely in part from the dedicated group in Tempe that June formed and from the efforts of all of our members.  Thanks to everyone who supported it.
•    This month, only two people turned in caps, Velvet Dishon and Donna Sherrill, so they automatically win the drawing.
•    Next month will be the last opportunity to submit caps.  There will be one more drawing plus the grand prize drawing for the Capital Grill gif card.
•    A few months ago, someone contacted Jackie and gave her a partially completed Aran blanket.  Through the efforts of a few of our members, it is now completed and is beautiful.  It is not suitable for Project Linus, so it is being donated for the purpose of raffling it off.  Judie mentioned that all of her raffles have a name and asked for suggestions from the membership.

New Business
•    Cara announced that next month’s program will be given by several of the members who are participating in the Mystery Knitalong.  Perhaps we can use some of the ideas to have a similar project ourselves.
•    Betty Jensen was honored for her service as President over the last year.  On behalf of the Guild, Cara presented her with a gift and a cake to thank her for her efforts.

The program this evening was presented by Cara demonstrating our new website, which was designed by her husband, who has been wonderful complying with all of Cara’s requests.  The concept originally formulated in her mind to assist in the production of the newsletter, hoping someone would volunteer, as the website would lessen the amount of work required by one person.  Sandy Ruthkowski has agreed to take of the Newsletter/Webeditor duties.  In addition, the site will give the Guild a “face lift” and really help to get our name out there

Cara gave us a tour of the website, showing us areas that were open to both the public and members only.  There are three domain names; cactusneedlesknittingguild.com, phoenixknitting.com and phxknitting.com.  Anyone of those will take you to the site.  The site is still not completed and portions are being worked on, but it is up and running.  Anything on there can be changed She asked all of the members to go on the site and apply for membership.  Then she will update them on the member directory.  Going forward, as someone fills this out and pays their dues, their information will be updated.

Thanks to Cara and her husband, John, for all their hard work in helping to modernize our organization.
The meeting was adjourned following show and share.
Respectfully submitted,

Barb Hahn/Secretary