July 2007

– JULY 2, 2007

The meeting of July 2nd was called to order and was opened with Betty Jensen’s President’s Report.  She asked for volunteers for Meeting Room Coordinators.  This involves being responsible for taking the key and getting to the meeting early, perhaps in the afternoon, to turn on the air and set up tables and chairs.  This responsibility could be shared by a few people taking turns.  Betty asked people to think about it during the meeting and let her know if they were willing to do this. 

She also discussed the “Host Your Own Knitting Event” schedule.  The July spot has been scheduled, filling the calendar for the year.  There are times available in 2008 for anyone who is interested in hosting an event.

The Minutes were read from the June meeting.  Regina Esposito made a motion to accept, and Erika Verley seconded the motion.  The motion was passed by acclamation.

Fran and Larry Frazin presented the Treasurer’s report.  The treasury now stands at $3,408.30.  They distributed a proposed 2007-08 Budget.  The budget is based on the fact that we are expecting 15 more members to pay dues.  Fran pointed out that the only income we have is from membership fees.  One of the items under the budget last year was a one time contribution of $300 for Project Linus.  Francine Ebersman mentioned that we could repeat that again this year if we chose to.  Erika Verley mentioned that one of the items discussed by the Money Committee was to underwrite part of the cost for October’s Cottonwood Retreat, perhaps as a “common cost” such as renting a room.  This would come out of the Treasury, not as part of the proposed budget.  The Committee determined that there was $1,500 available after setting aside a “rainy day” fund.  This does not necessarily mean that this is what is going to be spent, just what is available.  We will have to decide the actual amount that is going to be spent.  Francine Ebersman moved to accept the budget, seconded by June Whisel.  The motion was passed and the budget accepted by acclamation.

The Membership Report was presented by Mary Schirtzinger.  There were no guests present at the Meeting.  Mary extended a “welcome back” to Maggie Kiehl, who has not been able to attend for several months.  She distributed a membership list and asked that everyone check their information to make sure that phone numbers, addresses, emails, etc., were current and correct.  Mary announced the July Host Your Own Knitting event, to be hosted by Bev Walker at the Fiber Factory on July 28 from 1:00 PM to 3:00PM.    An updated membership list was distributed, and Mary wished a happy birthday to Fran Frazin, on July 2, and to Catherine McClure, on July 3. 

Old Business:

•    Erika Verley reported on the progress of the Cottonwood Retreat.  She received confirmation from the two yarn shops that they are expecting us.   If anyone is planning to attend and has not yet made reservations, they should contact Candy, who is our contact, at the Best Western in Cottonwood.  We have until September to book anyone and get the group rate.  Erika said that everything was coming together nicely, and it should be a lot of fun.
•    Erika also reported on the State Fair.  She retrieved all of the deadlines, judging dates, entry cost and prizes from the website and will put this altogether in a general email.  She also called regarding the rosettes that the CNKG will be presenting and will get back to us with more information on that.
•    Regina Esposito reported on the Holiday Party.  She received many responses to continue to have it at the Rock Bottom at Desert Ridge, where we have had it for the last two years.  She asked for volunteers for the committee.  Francine Ebersman, Erika Verley, Maggie Kiehl and June Whisle volunteered.  Betty mentioned that she hoped that there would be as much enthusiasm when volunteering for the Room Coordinator.

Francine presented the Altruistic Report.  She recently traveled to Colorado to meet with Jo-Ann Mullen, co-chair of the Altruistic Committee and they prepared a list of Altruistic Programs that the Cactus Needles Knitting Guild supports, which she distributed.  Project Linus is our primary endeavor.  The other programs we currently support were described in detail.  She encouraged anyone with their own projects to present them to the Guild as a one time opportunity.  Francine mentioned that she will get the website and the yarn requirements, if any, for the World War II Museum Veteran’s Knitting.

Francine also presented us with a large quantity of DK weight yarn, donated to Project Linus by Mary Ann Redeker, former member of the CNKG.  Instead of knitting individual squares and having someone else responsible for putting them together, Francine and Jo-Ann are proposing that groups of people who live close together work together to create their own blankets.  This will be a little more work than usual.  Anyone interested was to see her after the meeting.

New Business:

•    Leslie released the newsletter this weekend.  No one seems to have received it.  It was determined that it must not have gone because she had a bad email address, which bounced the whole mailing.  She apologized to Betty for not having the pictures from her knit in and will look for them and provide them in a later issue.
•    Barb Hahn read a lovely response to a thank you note from Jackie Awerman for her donations to the Guild.
•    Next month’s program will be on knitting for flip-flops.  More information will follow.  Leslie mentioned that they are on sale at Jo-Ann’s this week.

Skinny Scarf Contest:

Everyone brought in their Skinny Scarf creations to be donated to the Back to School Program.  Each scarf was numbered, and everyone was to write down five numbers.  The first would be what they considered to be the most creative, and the next four the ones they considered to be the funkiest.  While Erika tallied up the results, we had Show and Share.  The winners of the contest were:
•    First place –  Erika Verley and Fran Frazin – a very nice knitting tote (since Erika sponsored the contest, she relinquished the prize to Fran).
•    Second place- Bev Walker – “Zen and the Art of Knitting” book
•    Third place – June Whisel – needles
•    Fourth Place – Regina Esposito – needles
•    Fifth Place – June Whisel – needles.
A total of 35 scarves were submitted and donated to the project.

Respectfully submitted,
Barb Hahn/Secretary