August 2007

– AUGUST 6, 2007

The meeting of August 6th was called to order and was opened with Mary’s Membership presentation. She introduced Mimi Murphy, guest of Betty Jensen, Velvet Dishon, who has been a guest in the past, and Rachelle, Donna Sheryl’s granddaughter.

Velvet mentioned that she is opening a mobile yarn shop specializing in servicing Senior Centers, called “A Stash of Yarn”.  It was suggested that she join us at a future Westminster Village Event; this would a valuable service to the residents of Westminster.

During the President’s Report, Betty thanked Judy Agee for hosting the August Knit Together at Mary Coyle’s Ice Cream Parlor.  She also stated that there would be no Treasure’s report because the co-Treasures are out until November.

Mary wished a happy birthday to Mimi Murphy and Leslie Fry, who had birthdays in August.  She is working on a current birthday list and should have it by the next meeting.

The Minutes were read from the July meeting.  Erika Verley made a motion to accept, and Francine Ebersman seconded the motion.  The motion was passed by acclamation.

Old Business:

•    Erika also reported on the State Fair.  She gave us the arrival, judging and release dates as well as the fee and prize amounts.   There will be four or five major categories to place entries in.  Entrants may place one item in each category.  She will be forwarding all of this information, along with the website, in an email to the membership.  The Guild will be presenting rosettes and one green ribbon.  Erika also mentioned that they are looking for judges.  The pay is $50.  Francine Ebersman and Leslie Fry volunteered.  Maggie mentioned that if anyone is hesitant about entering because their work is not good enough, please don’t be.  We are our own worst critics.
•    Erika reported on the progress of the Cottonwood Retreat that will take place on October 26th and 27th.  The purpose of the retreat is to get to know our fellow knitters.  Anyone considering bringing someone who is not a member is welcome to do so.  Please let Erika know so that she will know the numbers for making lunch and dinner reservations.  Maggie Kiehl is looking for a roommate.  Erika mentioned that Carole Butler had expressed an interest and will send out another email.

New Business:

•    Judie Agee mentioned that the Back to School drive was a big success.  For 2008, there is a “cap challenge” with a goal of 2000 caps, especially for boys.
•    Judie Agee announced that the Blanket Bee for project Linus will be held on August 18.
•    Francine Ebersman said that the WWII Veteran’s information that she spoke of last month with be forthcoming.  Next month, she will be handing out another bucket of yarn.  She also has a small supply of acrylic yarn that might be nice for a blanket if anyone is interested in it.
•    Maggie Kiehl talked about the Needler’s Nest problems of the past.  In the past, some customers have been treated in a not-so-friendly manner.  As stated in an email sent to the membership earlier this month, the problem has been solved by new staffing.  Customers can expect a much friendlier reception in the future.

Cara presented the evening’s program, knitting for flip flops.  She distributed the instructions for the project and explained how to complete it.  Since August is usually a low attendance month, she wanted to come up with a project that could be completed in a short amount of time.  Next month’s program will be determined.   The meeting was adjourned following Show and Share. 

Respectfully submitted,

Barb Hahn/Secretary