September 2007

– September 10, 2007

The meeting of September 10 was called to order.  The Agenda has an error; the Host-Your-Own knitting event date should be changed to 9/25.  Betty passed around a sign up sheet for a Host-Your-Own Knitting event beginning in 2008.  She also passed around two get well cards for Joan Robbins, who fell and hurt her shoulder, and Irene Gibbons, who had surgery.

The Minutes were read from the August meeting.  Francine Ebersman made a motion to accept, and Leslie Fry seconded the motion.  The motion was passed by acclamation.

Membership – Mary welcomed our newest member, Velvet Dishon.  She also welcomed Mimi Murphy, a second time visitor, and Sue Bramen, a guest of Cara Summerfield.  Sue chairs an organization called Head Huggers that collects knitted and crocheted caps for chemotherapy patients.

Mary distributed a membership list.  We now have a total of 40 paid members with the renewal of Maud Haveman and Ruth Kay.  Francine asked if this list could be distributed to the membership via email.   Jackie said that she would fix up a few things and send it out.

Mary asked if for a volunteer for the interview section of the newsletter for November.  This person would need to fill out the questionnaire by mid October to get it done in timely fashion and would only need to answer the questions they felt were relevant to them.  Regina Esposito volunteered.  Mary will be asking for a volunteer each month.

Mary also extended birthday wishes for the month of September; Marilyn Overton, September 9; Irene Gibbons, September 10; Barb Hahn, September 12; Jo-Ann Mullen, September 19; and Darlene Ong, September 21.  Mary also reminded us about the Host Your Own Knit In being sponsored by Cynthia Peplinski on Tuesday, 9/25.

Old Business:

•    Erika Verley was not feeling well tonight, so Cara Summerfield stepped in to discuss the State fair.  The postmark deadline for the application and entry fee is September 12.  Items for entry need to be submitted on September 21 and 22.  Labels will be printed; it is the knitter’s responsibility to affix the tag.  When choosing a category, be sure that it is appropriate for the item you are submitting.  If you put an item in the wrong category, it will not be considered.  Some of the areas of judging will be presentation of the item, stitch, gauge of knitting, pattern and design, fabric used, how it is joined and whether it is clean.  Items over two years old will not be considered.  Judging will take place as soon as they set up so that the items will be displayed when the fair opens.  Judges may judge more than one craft depending on their area of expertise.

•    Regina Esposito reported on the holiday party.  The Rock Bottom is booked for December 3.  In the beginning of November, the committee will meet and choose a menu.  There will be a choice of a few things and a beverage.  Margaret Google is a former member of Westminster who passed away.  She began a shawl prior to her passing which Regina offered to finish.  It is completed and will be raffled off at the Holiday Party.  Regina will publish the “story of the shawl” with a picture shortly.  Start knitting like mad so that we have a large supply of blankets to donate to Project Linus.  There will be a gift exchange, $10 to $15 value, and the gift should be knitting related.  The most interesting event is the yarn exchange.  Generally, you bring a project’s worth of yarn.  You have to pay close attention because Regina likes to change the rules as she goes.
•    Cottonwood Project – everything is under control.  Call or email Erika with questions.

Francine addressed the altruistic programs.  We are entering the WWII Vets season project.  The Veteran’s Museum in New Orleans initiated this projected of knitting scarves for Veterans.  Any color is fine, but the recipients are going to be predominantly men, so masculine colors would be best.  There are no restrictions on yarn or size, but washable is preferred.   It would be appreciated if everyone would try and knit a scarf by the October meeting so that a package can be sent in time for Veteran’s Day.  Francine has a ton of yarn in her closet.  She and Jo-Ann would love some ideas for group projects.  She will send an email regarding the Veteran’s project and blankets to Jackie and Leslie for the next newsletter. 

Francine also reiterated the cap challenge for July of 2008 for the Back to School drive.  The focus is going to be for boy’s caps.  Francine and Jo-Ann are working on a point-based challenge to generate interest, with more points being awarded to boy’s caps.  It should be noted that the Back to School project does not have the fabric restrictions of Project Linus blankets but should be washable and dryable.  

The evening’s program will be displaying the knitted flip flops from last month’s program.  Anyone who is not interested in keeping theirs can donate them to the Back to School Drive.

The meeting was adjourned following Show and Share. 

Respectfully submitted,
Barb Hahn/Secretary