October 2007

– October 1, 2007

The meeting of October 1 was called to order.  Betty Jensen wished the Cactus Needles Knitting Guild a happy 13th birthday..

The Minutes were read from the September meeting.  Regina Esposito made a motion to accept, and Erika Verley seconded the motion.  The motion was passed by acclamation.

Membership – Mary welcomed this evenings guest.  Sally Naumann, who is a guest of Bev Walker, and Valerie, who is a guest of Velvet Dishon.  In addition, Mary welcomed our newest member, Michael Smith, bringing the total paid membership number up to 41.

Mary also extended a Happy Birthdays to June Whisel on October 31.  She also extended a Happy Birthday to former member Anne Enos on October 13 who will be joining us again.  She is recovering from surgery and will probably be joining us again at the halfway point of the year.

Old Business:

•    Francine Ebersman and Leslie Fry reported on the judging experience of the state fair.  The general tone was that everything was very disorganized.  There were not as many items as they had expected there would be.  They judged 50 to 75 items.  They had the opportunity to rank items from 1st to 7th place and only ranked them from 1st to 3rd place.  Some took more time than others; they gave them a very close inspection and tried to put feedback on the tags.  The names were hidden so they had no idea who they were judging.  Different items could be judged in different categories, so it could be that the item was judged by different people.  Valerie mentioned that you should take a copy of the application and the check; she has had personal experience of having the entries being lost more than once because they are so disorganized.  Also, on the entry form, be sure and put a realistic value of what the item would be worth if you were to sell it, not just what it cost to make.  Judy Agee mentioned that quilts have been stolen from the Project Linus exhibit, so it might not be a bad idea to list it on your insurance if at all possible.
•    Erica Verley filled everyone in about Cottonwood.  There are 16 confirmed individuals.  We are al set for lunch; all we need is numbers.  Talk to your roommates and neighbors about carpooling, and don’t forget your cork screws to open the wine bottles!  Check in is 11:00; check out is 3:00.  Erica has confirmed that everyone on the list has a confirmed room reservation .  The agenda reads as follows:
o    Saturday 10:30 Knit One, Bead Two knit in – Jerome
o    Lunch – Tavern Grill
o    Afternoon – Alley Cat Yarn Store knit in
o    Dinner 6:30 Nicks
Be sure to bring snacks, beverages, etc., and plan to have fun.
•    Regina Esposito reported on the holiday party.  The Rock Bottom is booked for December 3.  Committee met yesterday instead of November and made the menu choices.  An announcement will be coming out shortly regarding the cost once the Board decides whether they will underwrite part of the cost of the meal for the members.  

Francine collected scarves for the WWII Veterans project at this evening’s meeting.  We will be sending off a package for Veterans Day to the Veteran’s Museum in New Orleans.  She is asking everyone to turn in their scarves by October 15 at the Borders Knit it to Jackie since she won’t be there.  She reminded us to keep knitting for Project Linus, start the cap challenge for the Back to School Drive and continue on our group projects.  Our goal for the holiday party is to have 60 to 80 blankets for Project Linus.

Judy Agee announced that, for members who will not be attending the Cottonwood Retreat, there will be a Blanket Bee for Project Linus on October 27 from 9 to 4.  They will be renting two ball rooms.  Knitters, crocheters and quilters are welcome.  A hot lunch will be served.  There will be a blanket challenge and a door prize.

The evening’s program was a demonstration of the magic loop technique by June Whistle.  The meeting was adjourned following Show and Share. 

Respectfully submitted,

Barb Hahn/Secretary