November 2007

– November 5, 2007

The meeting was called to order.

The Minutes were read from the October meeting.  Penny Celmins made a motion to accept, and Carole Butler seconded the motion.  The motion was passed by acclamation.

•    Mary welcomed back Cindy Adams, Joan Robbins, Carole Butler and Marsha French, who haven’t been with us for a few months.  She welcomed Adelle Murphy and Virginia Brennen, who were guests of Michael Smith, and also welcomed Jackie, who is a guest of Francine Ebersman.
•    Happy November birthdays to Maud Haveman on the 1st, Yvette Goldstein on the 22nd,  Penny Celmins, on the 28th and  Velvet Dishon on the 28th.

Old business

•    Barb Hahn reported on the Cottonwood Retreat since Erika was out of town this month.  Everyone had a wonderful time.  It was a great weekend of camaraderie and budding friendships.  The success of the Retreat was because of the hard work and planning of Erika.  She had everything arranged down to the last detail – all the rest of us had to do was show up, follow her lead and relax.  Thank you Erika for the great time.
•    Regina Esposito reported on the holiday party.  The cost is going to be $25 for members and $31 for non members.  Please make the checks payable to Regina.  The choices will be between chicken, pub tips and salmon, so let her know your choices by November 23.  There is sure to be a big showing.  Bring a grab bag present and yarn for the yarn exchange if you want to participate.  The festivities will take place from 5:30 to 9:00, dinner at 6:00.
•    Judie Agee talked about the Blanket Bee that was held on October 26.  It was a huge success, with the submission of 350 blankets.
•    Judie Agee is looking for volunteers to help out with the Fountain Hills Arts and Crafts fair the following weekend.  Whole families attend and color muslin squares for Project Linus blankets.  She would appreciate any time that anyone has to spare.
•    Regina Esposito exhibited the shawl that she completed.  It was started by Margaret Google, a former Westminster resident who passed away.  It took two years to finish the project.  This will be raffled off at the holiday party.  Tickets are $2.00 each or three for $5.00.

Francine presented the altruistic report.. 
•    The scarf project for the WWII Veterans was a big success.  There were a lot of lovely scarves that were mailed out to the Museum in New Orleans.  Thanks to all who participated.
•    The back to school cap challenge will go on until June of 2008.  Two points will be awarded for boys’ caps and one point for girls.  If you give the completed caps to Judie Agee, make sure to let Francine know so that she can keep a tally.  Otherwise, give them directly to Francine. 
•    Don’t forget to bring blankets to the Holiday  party for donation to Project Linus.  We are looking to donate lots and lots of blankets.

Cara introduced the guest speakers for the evening, Terry and Fred Neal from Tempe Yarn and Fiber.  They talked about what it is like to own your own yarn store.  They wanted to create a place where people can come in and knit whenever they want and watch the store grow.   They shared their experience with raising silkworms, which started with fifty and ended up to be a couple of hundred.  

Fred passed out a newsletter to everyone.  Three of the volume numbers were different than the rest.  These three people were awarded knitting bags.  Inside one of them was a $25 gift certificate to the Tempe Yarn and Fiber store, which Fran Frazin won. 

Cara mentioned that Fred and Terry donated the $50 fee that is normally paid to guest speakers.  Their interesting, informal presentation made it very easy to ask questions, and their generosity was much appreciated.  Judy Agee thanked them for letting the store be a drop-off point for Project Linus.

Penny Celmins reminded everyone about the knit-in at the Farm at South Mountain on the 10th.  She asked that everyone RSVP as soon as possible so that she can arrange for tables.

Cindy Adams mentioned that she is in need of little bags, such as the ones from Clinique.  She is teaching crochet to teenagers at The New Foundation.  Anyone donations would be greatly appreciated.

The meeting was adjourned following Show and Share. 

Respectfully submitted,
Barb Hahn/Secretary