January 2008

MEETING – January 7, 2008

The meeting was called to order.

The program for this meeting was copyright law.   Cara introduced our guest speaker, Chris Paine, and attorney with the Mohr Hackett firm.  He was born in Tucson, attended U of A and ASU, and has worked with the Senate.  The question that comes up with copyright infringement is “What’s the harm?” because it does not involve taking anything tangible.  He presented a quiz to accentuate a couple of points:
•    Whether or not you profit from a copyright violation, it is still an infringement.
•    Stories, pictures and characters are protected.  For example, knitting something with a Snoopy character is technically an infringement.
•    Copyright is a federal issue and is not governed by state laws.
•    After 1978, any original work is automatically protected, but the work actually has to be registered before the owner can take legal action,    Laws vary for prior time periods.

There is no exception for charitable purposes unless it is a performance and no profit is made.  Presently, there is no case law that for or against copyright violations for charitable purposes.   The “First Use Doctrine” states that if you purchase a book, you do not purchase the copyright.  It is an infringement to make copies for your personal use unless the material specifically states permission.  However, this infringement is unenforceable.  The presentation was very informative.  It was a great reminder to all of us not only to protect ourselves legally but to do the right thing, which we want to do as a guild.

The Minutes were read from the November meeting  Erika Verley made a motion to accept, and Francine Ebersman seconded the motion.  The motion was passed by acclamation.

•    Mary recently sent out a current list of members.  Ann Enos also renewed and will be added to the list.
•    Mary introduced Lauren Benard, a guest who saw a flier at the Knitting in Scottsdale shop.  She is a new at this craft and has been knitting for less than a year.
•    Happy January birthdays to Sarah Nelson on the first, Mary Schritzinger on the 16th, Joan Robbins on the 24th, and Jackie Awerman on the 30th.

Old business

•    Velvet Dishon donated a bag of greeting cards to the CNKG for different holidays thoughout the year.  Thank you, Velvet
•    Regina Esposito reported on the holiday party.  It was a big success.  There were approximately 50 to 60 blankets donated to Project Linus, and $107 was raised by raffling off the shawl.   The question was raised as to why a donation was not made by the Guild to Project Linus as had been done in the past.  This will be looked into as the Treasurers were not present.

New Business
•    Bev Walker reminded everyone that the Fiber Factory gives back a certain percentage of the purchase price of products to the CNKG every year.  This year, she presented us with an $80 gift certificate.  It’s important for members to make sure that they are in the computer if they shop at the Fiber Factory so that the Guild gets this credit at the end of the year.  It was noted that the Fiber Factory will also supply us with materials at cost for any group altruistic projects that the Guild undertakes
•    Cindy Adams is still teaching at risk teens to crochet and would appreciate the donation of Clinique bags and/or crochet needles.  She will be working with other groups and may ask for more help.
•    Judy Agee reminded everyone about the Blanket Bee Saturday from 9:00 to 4:00 at the Fountain Hills Community Center.  Bring your own lunch; Project Linus will provide beverages.
•    Regina reminded everyone that she will be presenting the wallaby program during the next two meetings.  She will send out beginning instructions.  She asked for a show of hands so that she knew how many patterns to purchase.
•    The Craft Fair at the Coliseum will take place on January 25, 26 and 27.  We may want to think about having a booth their next year.  This is how the CNKG got started; the Tucson Guild had a booth, and from there, Jackie Awerman was able to get a list of names to get us started.
•    Leslie Fry asked anyone who had any tips to forward them to here for the newsletter.
Francine Ebersman and Jo-Anne Mullin presented the altruistic report.. 
•    On the third Saturday of every month, the Guild meets at Westminster Village for a knit-together with the residence.  Last month, they had the residents use Crayola Fabric Markers and stencils to decorate squares which were put together for a blanket.  Jo-Anne showed us the finished project; the residents really got into the spirit of the blanket and enjoyed putting it together.
•    Jo-Anne received a very nice thank you letter from the Veteran’s Museum.  They were given all the names of knitters who contributed scarves in November.  Whoever participated received a certificate from them.
•    Jo-Ann displayed a lovely chart on which she is keeping track of caps that are submitted for the Cap Challenge for the Back to School Drive.  The goal is to have 200 submitted from the Guild.  There will be a series of prizes.  The first prize to go to the person with the highest score is a gift certificate to Capital Grill.  There will be a second and third prize which has not yet been determined but will be larger also.  At each meeting, there will be a drawing for those who hand in caps.  These will be smaller prizes.
•    Francine presented fuscia colored skeins of yarn for the “February Fuscia” Crazy Quilt project.  If anyone is interested in participating, please take a skein, and make squares per the instructions.  Please bring back the squares and leftover yarn to the February meeting.

The meeting was adjourned following Show and Share. 

Respectfully submitted,

Barb Hahn/Secretary