February 2008

– February 4, 2008

The meeting was called to order.  The Minutes were read from the January meeting.  One correction was noted. Francine Ebersman made a motion to accept with the change, and seconded Regina Esposito the motion.  The motion was passed by acclamation.

Mary Schirtsinger was not present this evening, so Jackie Taylor filled in for her.
•    Happy February birthdays to Cara Summerfield on the first and Terry Yu on the 15th.
•    Welcome to Virginia Brennen, who is a guest of Bev Walker.  She is just learning to knit again and enjoys knitting purses.
•    Welcome to Sandi Rutkowski, who is also a guest of Bev.  She has been knitting since 5th or 6th grade when a lady in the neighborhood talk all of the kids how to knit.
•    Welcome to Janet Harris, a guest of Joan Robbins.  Janet likes to knit children’s clothes.
•    Welcome to Carole Byrne who is a winter visitor from Edmonton, Alberta in Canada.  She learned of the CNKG through “Knit Net”, an online Canadian-based magazine.  Carole loves to knit socks.

Old business

•    The issue of the contribution to Project Linus at the Holiday Party will be addressed at the next meeting.  Betty needs to get some additional information.

New Business
•    Donna Sherrill is collecting used prescription bottles for an organization called Interfaith Cooperative Ministries, a non-denominational organization.  These bottles are used to hold shampoo, etc., for the homeless.  The bottles have to be plastic with caps that won’t leak.  They will also accept soap and other sundries that can be used.
•    Cara Summerfield is due to have the March knit together and can not find anyplace in Gilbert that can accommodate us.  She found a nice place in Queen Creek, and it would be a long ride for most of the members, about an hour from the Unitarian Church.  She will look for some place closer in Chandler if no one is willing to drive.  Please let her know so that she can get an unofficial count.

Altruistic report.. 
•    There will be no blanket project for this month so that we can work on caps and our wallabys.
•    There will be a drawing this evening.  Everyone submitting a cap will be entered.  There will be a drawing every week for one or two small prizes in an attempt to encourage members to knit caps.
•    Yarn was offered for sale at $1 a skein/ball, proceeds to go to Project Linus.  Whoever spends the most will be entered in the drawing a second time.  An amount of $19 was raised, and Fran Frazin was the largest spender.
•    An afghan that is about 2/3 completed and the rest of the yarn needed and a very old pattern was donated to the guild.  Anyone interested in finishing this should see Francine or Jo-Ann.  The yarn is a British wool, made of strips in an aran pattern, so gauge is very important.  This would be best for a more experienced knitter.  The plan is to raffle it off at the next holiday party.
•    Francine brought in a tub of odds-and-ends yarn for anyone to help themselves to.  It can be used for knitting caps or scarves for Kelly.
•    Michael asked if the Guild accepted donations of unwashable yarn..  Francine said that if anyone wanted to bring in yarn unsuitable for Project Linus, it would be thrown in the “tub” or sold off for a $1 a skein at some point in the future.
•    The “Orphan Square” project was introduced.  Often, squares are knit off-gauge or the shape is off for a particular project that some of us may have in our stash.  Many of us also may have swatches too.  Bring them to the next meeting.  Jackie is going to put together blankets with these odd-shaped swatches.
•    The winners of the drawing this evening were Fran Frazin and Leslie Fry.

This evening’s program is part one of learning how to knit a wallaby presented my Regina Esposito.  We used the pattern created by Cottage Creations, and Regina showed us some variations to make it easier.

The meeting was adjourned following Show and Share. 

Respectfully submitted,
Barb Hahn/Secretary