March 2008

– March 3, 2008

The meeting was called to order.  The Minutes were read from the February meeting.  Francine Ebersman made a motion to accept and Larry Frazin seconded the motion.  The motion was passed by acclamation.

•    Mary Schirtzinger wished happy March birthdays to Jackie Taylor on the 5th, Rina Ruzzier on the 19th, Judy Agee on the 25th, and Harriet Trottman on the 30th.
•    This evening’s guests were Myra Richmond, guest of .Betty Jensen, Linda Rosse, who came with Myra, and Shanna Zimmer, who is visiting from Calgary in Canada.
•    Welcome back to Sandi Rutkowski and Laura Benard who are visiting for a second time.
•    All members took turns giving a short introduction of themselves for the benefit of new members and visiting guest.

Old business

•    Betty gave us an update from the Holiday Party. There were 40 blankets donated and $107 was raised from the raffle.  In the past, the CNKG has also made a $300 donation to Project Linus; this was overlooked this year.  Betty made a suggestion that the CNKG make up the difference between the raffle and last year’s donation and make a cash donation of $200.  Jackie Taylor made a motion to accept, and Francine seconded the motion.  Francine pointed out that any raffles proceeds were donated “in addition to” the gift of $300 in the past.  The yarn that came to the Guild after the passing of Margaret Google was specifically to be used for Project Linus, so the membership might want to think about gifting the entire $300.  Betty made a motion to raise the gift to $300, and Francine seconded the motion.  The motion was passed unanimously.

New Business
•    Bev Walker was contacted by the Greenfield Assisted Living Facility in Mesa.  They are looking for someone to teach the residents how to knit.  If anyone is interested in helping, please let Bev know.
•    Bev also received a press release stating that Debbie Macomber will be appearing in Prescott at A Good Yarn Shop on June 7th at 1:00PM.  Since there is not a knitting event scheduled for June, this could be it.  An email will be sent out when more information is available.
•    Bev also suggested that the Guild is in need of tote bags with our name of our membership and our logo imprinted.  This is great advertisement since they go everywhere. Erika Verley’s daughter designed the logo, so we will need to get her permission to do this.  Francine and Bev will discuss this.
•    Francine announced that the nominating committee for next year’s officers had been formed.  Our bylaws call for the committee to be formed in March.  As a matter of policy, the past President chairs this committee.  Donna Sherril and June Whisel form the rest of the committee and are responsible for proposing the next President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  Committee members are President-appointed.  If you are interested in any of these offices, let Francine know.  It is an extremely rewarding experience and does not take as much time as you might think.  The committee will be back to us next month with a slate.
•    Leslie Fry has the book “Knitting Circle” if anyone is interested in borrowing it.   No one knows who the owner of the book is, so if it belongs to you, let Leslie know.
•    Cara announced that next month’s program will be Marilyn Howden speaking about what it is like to be a yarn rep.  Be thinking about questions you might like to ask her.  She will be bringing a few samples.
•    Cara also announced that her Knitting Event will take place at Joe’s Farm Grill at Ray and Higley in Mesa.  It is right off the freeway, so it is easy to get there.  There is a coffee shop, and all of their produce is fresh.  Jackie will send out an email to the membership with the specific information.

Altruistic report.. 
•    There will be no blanket project again this month so that we can work on commitment for the Back to School Drive.  We have committed to donating 200 caps to this drive; we are almost half-way there.
•    Jo-Ann will be meeting with Kelly Donnelly next month.  Kelly takes caps, scarves, sweaters, mittens, etc., to Africa and other countries around the world in need.  There are no yarn restrictions, so this might be a great place for you to use yarn that you can’t use for Project Linus.
•    Turn in your fuscia strips if you haven’t already.
•    Donna Sherrill volunteered to do a strip of the partially-completed blanket that was donated to the guild last month.  If anyone else is interested, please let Francine know.
•    A drawing was again held for everyone who submitted a cap for the Back to School challenge.  The winners this evening were Regina Esposito and June Whisel.

This evening’s program is part two of learning how to knit a wallaby presented my Regina Esposito.  Regina offered to her assistance to anyone that needed it.

The meeting was adjourned following Show and Share. 

Respectfully submitted,
Barb Hahn/Secretary