July 2013


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July 2013




   Letter from the Editor

Welcome to Cactus Needles Knitting Guild’s 2013-2014 year. I would first like to thank Dawn Goetz for serving as President during this last year. We were all very fortunate to have her leadership and time during the 2012-2013 year.    

I would also like to thank the members of the Guild for having confidence in me and allowing me to serve as the new president. I hope to live up to your expectations by keeping the Guild a fun, educational, and altruistically active organization.

One of the best ways to keep any organization strong is to continue to bring in new members. We have such a great group of members in our Guild I think it would be wonderful if we could all work to help us grow over the next year. Bringing in new members means fresh ideas, more completed projects for our altruistic efforts, and more knitting friends! If you have ideas for introducing our Guild to possible new members please let me know. 

We all have responsibilities to ensure that the Guild continues to meet the goals set out by the founders:  education to advance the quality of workmanship and creativity in knitting endeavors, contribute to charitable community organizations and to provide social opportunities for knitters. That doesn’t mean everyone is expected to chair a committee or serve in an elected position. What it does mean is helping out where you can. Do you have some ideas for program, or can you help with the program for one meeting? Perhaps you like to organize events like the Holiday Party or our participation in Stitch and Pitch. There are even opportunities to chair or help committees such as altruistic or membership, or host a Knit-Together. Remember we are all members of the Guild and we are the ones who continue to make the guild a success.

 I am looking forward to working with everyone this year, and I am always open to ideas and suggestions. You can send me emails, text messages, call or even slip me a note at a meeting. Thanks again and happy knitting!






Last month, Vogue Knitting held a contest on their Facebook page for knitting neologisms (or "knitologisms", as reader Melissa Dominguez pointed out.)

The winning wordsmith was Toni Kovacs, who coined the term Balderstash. Definition: What's coming out of your mouth while trying to justify, to yourself or others, the purchase of new yarn that you have no idea what you're going to do with but you've just GOT to have. 

Knitphomaniac:  The excessive desire to knit all the time  (Barbara-Jean Archibald)
Epiphknitty:  The moment you finally understanding a difficult pattern or knit technique (Monica Kortsha)

Yarnia:  Opening the (stash) wardrobe in the spare room is a portal to Yarnia (Natalie Buck Hand)

Monoknitty:  The feeling of a never-ending project in nothing but stockinette (Flossie Arend)
Coknitption:  A fit of rage in response to dropped stitches, yarn you need no longer being available, or any other variety of knitting conundrums (Candy Thomen)

Phoknitically:  Speaking your stitches aloud while knitting (Anji Masse)

Knitilation:  The excitement one feels in anticipation of a new knitting project (Samantha Rapp)

Skeinwreck:  When a skein becomes so tangled and knotted that it can only be saved by cutting (Claudia Morgan)

Procrastiknitter:  Me, or someone who takes forever to finish a project (Melissa Maile Thetford)

Steeky Clean:  When your steeks come out perfectly!  (Lauren B. Turgeon)


 Centennial Blanket Note Cards


Need to send a note to someone? Do it in style:!!

Note cards picturing the Centennial Blanket that was designed and crafted by the our own Cactus Needles Knitting Guild are available for purchase in packages of eight for only $5.00.

They will be available for purchase at all monthly guild meetings. Please let Francine know how many packs you'd like.

 Get ‘em while they last.



Read more here: http://www.star-telegram.com/2013/04/29/4806818/younger-knitters-are-in-it-for.html#storylink=cpy 







 The Pragmatic Knitter:  Readers’ – er, Knitters’ – Guide to Periodical Literature

by Georgia K. Green

Knitting magazines – or, to use the formal librarian-approved term, periodicals – are a great resource for knitters.  Browsing through a knitting magazine exposes a knitter to patterns, tutorials, and articles, any and/or all of which can fire the knitter’s imagination in a new direction or solve a nagging problem.

But …  There are just so many of them!  How can one knitter keep up with all of them?

You can’t, even if you wanted to try.  No bookstore sells them all, even if you were possessed of unlimited funds to purchase them, nor does any public library subscribe to all of them. (Today, some libraries subscribe to no knitting magazines at all, but that’s a lament for another time.)

Do you actually know what knitting magazines are published(in print) now?  I don’t have a full answer, even after researching and writing this column, and I probably have at least one in the following list that you haven’t heard of …  Read on and see!

So, attached, in no particular order, is a list of print publications with knitting featured as primary focus.  It is by no means complete, does not include non-English-language publications, and certainly reflects the design and technique preferences of its compiler (me!) ... 

 By visiting the URL below each magazine title, you can read about the editorial philosophy of the publication, see one or more covers and tables of contents; frequently by browsing you can find free sample patterns (usually in PDF files) to download and try, if you wish.  (Many of these print publications also offer digital subscriptions, although this was not a criterion for inclusion in this list.)



 Program Highlights

In May we had a program on crochet edgings. Many times we are working on a project that is large and difficult to put an edging on if you have to pick up hundreds of stitches. That is where a simple crochet edge is helpful. We learned a simple single crochet edging that can be used for everything from dish clothes to blankets. Making a cute blanket and want a nice picot edge? We also worked on a simple crochet picot that will be the perfect finishing touch. Wait I have a little boys blanket and don’t want something “frilly” to edge it with…the crab stitch or backwards crochet fills th

e bill. If you missed the May meeting and would like to get the instructions that were handed out that evening, send Martie an email and she will get you a copy.

We have members who leave during our warm summer months, and we wanted a way to keep them involved in the programs during their absence…the solution ad summer mystery knit-a-along. The set up instructions and the first part of the pattern were handed out at the June meeting. The other parts will be posted on the website on July 1st, July 22nd, and August 5th. Th

e idea is we all bring our completed projects to the September and October meetings for Show and Share. Hope everyone has fun with the project. (if you missed the June meeting the handout are posted on the web site)

We have a couple people who will be doing program this coming year…Thank You to Harriet and Barb for stepping up and helping out with ideas and their time.


 Happy Knitting!






Website Watch


 Love to knit, but fall in a rut and make the same thing over and over?  Sometimes we just need encouragement to expand our skill.

Try this website:


This site contains articles, patterns, “how to” instructions, and  more!

Check it out!






Upcoming Events


July 12 – Fry’s Marketplace Knit-Together – 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM

July 15 – CNKG Meeting 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM* 

August 5 –CNKG Meeting 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM*

August 17 –  Annual Madelyn Thomas Ice Cream Knit-In – 11:30  AM to 2:30 PM

August 19 –  Fry’s Marketplace Knit-Together – 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM


*Dinner for Hungry Knitters – 5:00 Streets of New York.


Don’t forget to Host your Own Knit Together! Refer to the “Latest News” under “Members Only” for a list of available months.