January, 2012, Minutes

 Cactus Needles Knitting Guild Meeting – January 9, 2012

 In Attendance:

Judie Agee                  Barbara Avrin                      Carole Byrne              

Velvet Dishon             Francine Ebersman               Regina Esposito

Fran Frazin                  Marsha French                        Lesley Fry      

Dawn Goetz                Georgia Green                        Sandy Grunow

Barb Hahn                   Joanna Irvine                          Harriet Lawrence       

Mareva Lynde             Carolina Martinez                   Jo-Ann Mullen

Darlene Ong                Liz Rees                                 Mary Schirtzinger

Donna Sherrill             Lisa Spaich                            Martie Warden

June Whisel                 Jennifer Wujcik

Barb Hahn called the meeting to order at 6:30pm.


There are five January birthdays:  Mareva Lynde, Joanna Irvine, Mary Schirtzinger, Barbara Avrin and Jackie Awerman.  Martie welcomed new member Pat Crosby.  We had two visitors – Brenda Brock and Daina Pfister.

Secretary’s Report

Liz made a motion, seconded by Francine to approve the minutes as posted on the Guild website.

Program – Knitted Knockers

Jane Breitenfield from the Comprehensive Cancer Center at Chandler Regional Medical Center presented a program on Knitted Knockers.  Many of us have seen them at Tempe Yarn & Fiber.  They are a soft insert shaped like a breast to be used instead of a prosthesis.  TY&F collects them from knitters and then donates them to the Cancer Center.  They are given free to all patients who want them.  Jane brought both knit and crochet instructions to make the Knockers.  Cotton is the preferred material since it allows the skin to breathe.  Many people add a smooth small stone with the filling to provide a little weight.  Please refer to the instructions for more information.  If you choose to knit some Knockers, either bring them to TY&F or give them to Dawn Goetz at any meeting.  Jane invited anyone who is interested to come to the Cancer Center in Chandler and she will give them a tour. 

Committee/Chair Reports

Altruistic – Velvet:  Everyone turned in their Special Olympic scarves. Velvet is collecting for Esperanza.  A trip is planned in the spring, so bring in your items by the April meeting.  June Whisel gave Velvet two large bags for Esperanza filled with items knitted by a friend.

Velvet distributed yarn and instructions to those interested in working on a Project Linus blanket.  We are knitting strips in garter stitch.  They are due at the February meeting.

On Saturday, 1/28, from 9:00am to 3:00pm, there is a knitting/fiber weekend at Arcosanti.  It is $6 for a buffet lunch.  You can stay overnight on Friday in a dormitory room for $20.  It’s a chance to connect with other knitters.  Email Velvet if you are interested.

Francine mentioned that the next Project Linus blanket bee in Fountain Hills is also on January 28.  There will be a yarn lottery.

Treasurer’s Report – Lisa Spaich:  The balance as of December 31, 2011 is $3,274.60.

Old Business

Host your own knit-together –  Lesley Fry is hosting a knit-together at her home on Saturday January 21 from 1:30pm to 4:30pm.  She is providing desserts.  Please RSVP to Lesley.  Her contact information is in the membership directory.

Barb Hahn will be hosting the February knit-together.  May and June are still available.

Centennial Blanket – Jo-Ann and Francine:  The blanket is going to the framer this month and will be at the February meeting.  A soft backing will be applied which will allow us to roll it up for travel and a frame will be made for permanent display.  So far we have seven sites for presentations.  Velvet suggested the Heritage Festival in Glendale in March as an eighth.  Cathrine has put together discussion questions and these will be posted to the CNKG website.  Francine & Jo-Ann will contact members to travel with the blanket both locally and for short trips.  We are looking for a place to display the blanket permanently.  Two suggestions were the airport and the State House.  We want to place it where it will be seen by many people.  Jo-Ann is planning to meet with a PR person from the Centennial Committee.

New Business

Happy Hookers’ Reunion – On Saturday, February 4, we are getting together with the ladies from Westminster Village from 11:00am to 2:00pm for a luncheon.  These are the ladies we used to knit with on a monthly basis.  An email will be sent out regarding this luncheon.

January knit-together at Fry’s Marketplace -- We are having a knit-together at Fry’s Marketplace on the southwest corner of Tatum and Shea on Monday, January 23 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.  We’ve been looking for a place for a while to replace Borders and we are hoping this is the place!  They have a nice sitting area near the coffee shop.  Harriet has spoken with both the day and night manager and both have said that we are welcome.

February Program –The Centennial blanket will be presented along with the education guide so that the guild members can see it and hear a “dry run” of the presentations. 

March Program – We will have our annual yarn exchange.  Details will follow, but get your yarn together.

Show and Share followed the meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15pm.

Submitted by

Harriet Lawrence, Secretary