November 2011 Minutes

 Cactus Needles Knitting Guild Meeting – November 7, 2011


In Attendance:


Cindy Adams                          Judie Agee                              Barbara Avrin            

Carole Byrne                           Velvet Dishon                         Francine Ebersman     

Regina Esposito                      June Fessenden                       Fran Frazin                 

Marsha French                        Lesley Fry                               Dawn Goetz               

Georgia Green                         Barb Hahn                               Harriet Lawrence       

Carolina Martinez                   Cathrine McClure                   Jo-Ann Mullen

Darlene Ong                            Liz Rees                                  Betty Smith                

Lisa Spaich                              Erika Verley                            Martie Warden

June Whisel                             Jennifer Wujcik


Barb Hahn called the meeting to order at 6:30pm.



Martie reported that we currently have 42 paid members.  There are five November birthdays:  June Fessenden, Yvette Goldstein, Penny Celmins, Velvet Dishon and Jennifer Wujcik.


Secretary’s Report

Martie made a motion, seconded by Barbara Avrin, to approve the minutes as posted on the Guild website.


Committee/Chair Reports


Altruistic – Cathrine McClure:  All the Navajo items went to Tucson.  Hats for Esperanca will be collected at the holiday party, to be delivered in the spring.  More yarn is available for Special Olympics scarves.  The deadline is January. 


Project Linus blankets will be collected at the holiday party.  There is a new chapter coordinator for Project Linus NE Phoenix Chapter.  Her name is Terese Knapik.


June Whisel said that the Veterans’ Hospital is accepting scarves for veterans.  She has offered to take them there.


Barb Hahn said that for the rest of this year she will update all information on the website.  Harriet and Martie will be trained in January.


Treasurer’s Report – Lisa Spaich:  The balance as of October 31 is $3,377.09 with one new member.


Old Business


Host your own knit-together – Francine is hosting a knit-together at her home on November 12.  There will be a garage sale of remaining items from knitting in scottsdale plus good quality yarn from an individual which is priced at $2/skein.


Centennial Blanket – Liz said that the blanket is coming along.  She will have it completed for the January meeting.  Jo-Ann said that we will need people to do presentations locally as well as people who can travel greater distances, include an overnight stay.  Presentations should be done by two people and will be informal.  Cathrine is putting together talking points.  A presentation demonstration will be done at a meeting.  Please contact Jo-Ann if you would like to help with presentations – locally or involving an overnight.


New Business


Budget:  A motion was made by Jo-Ann and seconded by Marsha to accept the budget as posted on the website.  All members voted and the budget was accepted.


Stitches West:  Carole Byrne is planning to attend Stitches West in Santa Clara, CA from February 23-26. 

She is planning to drive and is looking for someone to go with her.  If you’re interested, please contact Carole.  To download a brochure, go to knittinguniverse.com/stitches/west.


Project Linus:  A question was asked as to what size constitutes a teen blanket for Project Linus.  It was agreed that 45 inches by 50 or 60 inches is fine.


Other Business:  Dawn said that on December 3, Tempe Yarn & Fiber is having a community day and asked if the Guild would like a table.  We will gather whatever printed information we have for the Guild and display it on the table.  Anyone who wants to come by and knit and/or staff the table is welcome. 


Program – Felting


Dawn presented a program on felting.  We discussed our experiences with the felting (or fulling) process, including what types of wool can be used, how different colors felt differently, and how to felt in your washing machine.  Several members brought samples of successes and failures.


Show and Share following the meeting.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:15pm.


Submitted by

Harriet Lawrence, Secretary