September 2011 Minutes


Cactus Needles Knitting Guild Meeting – September 12, 2011
In Attendance:
Cindy Adams                   Judie Agee                  Penny Celmins
Velvet Dishon                   Francine Ebersman      Regina Esposito         
June Fessenden               Lesley Fry                   Dawn Goetz
Georgia Green                  Joanna Irvine               Harriet Lawrence
Janine May                      Cathrine McClure         Darlene Ong
Cynthia Peplinski              Liz Rees                     Mary Schirtzinger      
Lisa Spaich                      Jennifer Wujcik

In Barb Hahn’s absence, Dawn Goetz chaired the meeting. The meeting was called to order at 6:30pm.  

In Martie’s absence, Harriet read Martie’s report.
This month’s birthdays: Georgia Green, Barb Hahn and Jo-Ann Mullen
There were 37 paid members at the time of the meeting, but 3 more people paid during the meeting, for a total of 40 paid members. Martie did not have any inquiries from the website this last month. There were some problems with the website and she thinks it has been taken care of.   If you are still having trouble, please send Martie an email explaining the trouble and she will try to get it fixed as quickly as possible.
Name cards have been made for some of our new members who have been waiting…sorry for the delay. If  Martie missed your name, please send her an email and she will make sure you have one at the next meeting.
Secretary’s Report
There were several corrections to last month’s minutes: 
  • The local Project Linus chapter will only be closed if Natalie cannot find a replacement.
  • We intend for the Commemorative Blanket to hang permanently in a public, prominent space.
Francine made a motion, seconded by Lesley, to approve the minutes as amended.
Committee/Chair Reports
Altruistic – Velvet Dishon: Velvet has yarn for whatever altruistic project you wish. She has yarn for the Special Olympics scarves, which she will also bring to the October meeting. There is enough yarn for 24 scarves. Velvet also has patterns, but you can download the patterns from the Red Heart website.
            In October we will be collecting warm clothing for Navajo children. All clothing should be machine washable and keep in mind that the Navajo children require large sizes. At the November meeting we will collect scarves for Veterans. Project Linus blankets should be brought to the holiday party in December. They should also be machine washable. We are always collecting for Esperanca. Esperanca will take all items without yarn/washing restrictions.  They don't have to be clothes.
Treasurer’s Report – Lisa Spaich: Lisa reported that the current balance in our account is $3,257 plus she received dues from three more people tonight.
Holiday Committee: Francine reported that Martie has booked the Macaroni Grill for December 5. Martie is looking for a couple of people who would like to help plan our Holiday Party. We will need an idea for a contest and help organizing and setting up the day of the party. Contact Martie if you are interested.
Old Business
Host your own knitting event -- There is one upcoming knitting event: September 24 – hosted by Lisa Spaich, Tempe Yarn & Fiber, (www.tempeyarn.com) from 10:00am to 1:00pm, light lunch, snacks and drinks. Please RSVP to Lisa.
There are open months for knit-togethers. Please check the CNKG website and let Barb know if you would like to host.
New Business
There was no new business.
Show and Share preceded the program.
Program  -- Learn to Crochet
Cathrine, along with a few helpers, showed us basic crochet stitches and how to do a picot edging.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:50pm.
Submitted by
Harriet Lawrence, Secretary