February 2011


Cactus Needles Knitting Guild Meeting – February 7, 2011
In Attendance:
Barbara Avrin
Carole Byrne
Velvet Dishon
Nicole Dube
Francine Ebersman
Fran Frazin
Lesley Fry
Dawn Goetz
Georgia Green
Sandy Grunow
Barb Hahn
Harriet Lawrence
Cathrine McClure
Jo-Ann Mullen
Darlene Ong
Mary Schirtzinger
Donna Sherrill
Martie Warden
June Whisel
Jennifer Wujcik       
The meeting was called to order at 6:30pm by Barb Hahn.
Marti welcomed new member Nicole Dube. We had five visitors: Joanna Irvine, Connie Concetto, Mareva Lynde, Joanne Ceimo and Carolina Martinez. We had two February birthdays.
Secretary’s Report
Francine made a motion, seconded by June, to approve the minutes as posted to the guild website.
Committee/Chair Reports
Altruistic – Velvet Dishon & Cathrine McClure – Velvet said that the cutoff date for Esperanca is March. Please bring everything you have for Esperanca to the March meeting. Pie blankets are being knitting by Fran & Larry Frazin and Harriet Lawrence.
Treasurer’s Report – Lisa Spaich – In Lisa’s absence Harriet gave the Treasurer’s report. Our current balance is $2,807.21.
Legacy Centennial Project – Georgia said that the deadline for the project is February 14, 2012. The materials for the CNKG AZ Centennial Heirloom Blanket project require transformation of approximately 50 hanks of cotton yarn into about 150 center-pull balls. Georgia asked that as many members as possible come to our scheduled monthly Borders/PV knit-together this month and bring their winders, yarn swifts, and/or helping hands. 
Jo-Ann Mullen gave an overview of CNKG’s proposed project for Arizona’s centennial anniversary.

She has put together a grant application.  A few blanks remain before the proposal is ready for submission, such as our budget and a timeline. Jo-Ann cannot fill in this information without input from the Guild Board.  She is also trying to find out the deadline for submitting the grant.

Liz Rees is designing the blanket.  It will celebrate and elaborate on the history and significance of several symbols associated with the culture of our State of Arizona, such as saguaro cacti, geckos, Native American Rock Art and tribe-specific icons.  These symbols will be knit into our blanket which will be exhibited throughout Arizona with accompanying educational presentations in both the Tucson/Flagstaff corridor and outlying cities not usually as well served as Arizona’s population centers.  Even if the Legacy Project does not fund us, we will still do this blanket.
If we are funded, Jo-Ann Mullen and Cathrine McClure will develop study/discussion guides to accompany the Afghan as it travels to libraries and senior centers across Arizona.  Jo-Ann asked any members who might be interested in working on this part of the project to let her know.
Francine thanked everyone for coming to the garage sale at her home last Saturday. We raised $250.
Old Business
The Westminster ladies have decided to forego their Saturday knit-in with us. They are going to have a more varied craft day, not on a Saturday, with their activities director. They thanked us for the time we spent knitting with them.
Dawn said that the Tucson Guild has tabled for now their plans to hire a speaker who would be shared with our Guild. They will revisit this idea at a future date.
New Business
The knit-together schedule was passed around for members to sign up for the remainder of the fiscal year.
Program – Yarn Auction
The yarn auction was a great success. It was great fun and many of us went home with more yarn than we brought. 
Due to all the fun we had with the auction, we did not have time for Show and Share.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:30pm.
Submitted by
Harriet Lawrence, Secretary