November 2010


Cactus Needles Knitting Guild Meeting – November 1, 2010
In Attendance:
Cindy Adams
Barbara Avrin
Janet Buchanan
Velvet Dishon
Francine Ebersman
Regina Esposito
Marsha French Berkey
Lesley Fry
Dawn Goetz
Georgia Green
Sandy Grunow
Hilary Guberman
Harriet Lawrence
Cathrine McClure
Darlene Ong
Mary Schirtzinger
Lorrie Schneider
Donna Sherrill
Betty Smith
Lisa Spaich
Martie Warden
June Whisel  
Due to Barb Hahn’s absence, the meeting was called to order at 6:35pm by Dawn Goetz, who chaired the meeting. 
Martie welcomed one new member: Janet Buchanan. There were no guests. We acknowledged four November birthdays: Yvette Goldstein, Penny Celmins, Velvet Dishon and Jennifer Wujcik.
Secretary’s Report
Francine made a motion, seconded by Regina, to approve the minutes as posted to the guild website.
Committee/Chair Reports
Altruistic – Velvet Dishon & Cathrine McClure – Velvet asked everyone who had turned in an altruistic project today to put their name on a slip of paper and we would have a drawing later of a surprise bag. On Thursday Regina & Harriet are driving to Tucson to deliver all the items for the Navajo project. Tomorrow two boxes of scarves for veterans are being mailed. The holiday scarves that we are bringing to our holiday party are for Esperanca. The log cabin blankets can be turned in whenever they are completed.
Treasurer’s Report – Lisa Spaich – We have a balance of $3,001 in the bank. Lisa received checks today for 3 new members.
Shop Talk – Regina Esposito – Regina questioned whether anyone was having problems opening the attachments from emails she forwards to members from yarn shops. Some said ‘yes’ and she might stop forwarding these emails. Tempe Yarn & Fiber is having another knit-along. Check out their website. You must pre-register by November 5. Knit Happens is still getting settled in their new space. They are having a “Yarn Tasting” on November 10. Tempe Yarn and Bonnie’s Yarn & Crafts are now open Sundays. Other shops might follow suit.
The drawing for the surprise bag was held and Cindy Adams won the bag full of goodies.
Old Business
November’s knit-together is being hosted by Regina on November 27 at the Deer Valley Airport restaurant. It starts at 1:00pm and continues until we choose to leave. The Airport is one mile North of 101 on 7th Avenue. RSVP to Regina. 
Holiday party – Dawn reminded people that the holiday party is December 6. Get your checks to Regina or Martie by November 30. It is being held at the Macaroni Grill in Scottsdale. $28 covers the meal and soft drinks. There is a cash bar. The gift exchange is voluntary. If you want to participate, the item should be knitting-related and new and should cost no more than $15. You are welcome to bring a guest. The cost to guests is $33. The scarf contest is open to everyone, not just members. Francine mentioned that she will be holding all checks until November 30 at which time she will deposit them all at once.
New Business
There was no new business.
Program – What’s in your knitting bag?
Everyone talked about what tools and helpful items they keep in their knitting bag. Just about everyone had some items in their bag that no one else had thought of. We all picked up some great ideas that will make our knitting easier.
Show and share concluded the meeting.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:10pm.
Submitted by
Harriet Lawrence, Secretary