October/November 2010



Stitchin’ Times

October-November 2010



     Letter from the President

Recently, Donna Sherrill and I were chatting at a knitting event. She introduced me to the difference between a project knitter and a process knitter.

A project knitter is one who is focused on producing the finished product. A process knitter is one who loves the process of knitting and is not so concerned with the finished product. 

I think that all of us are both project and process knitters. Of course, we love to see a beautiful creation from our own hands. It is the process, however, that we all love. 

This conversation was freeing for me. Now, when I see something in my project that I absolutely can not live with and rip apart hours of my work, I look at it as a blessing. I get to start the process all over again without dipping into my stash and having to spend more money! 

Enjoy the process, and enjoy the project.
Until we knit again,
Barb Hahn

         Altruistic Update

        by Cathrine McClure & Velvet Dishon 

If you have something to donate to the Navajo Project, please give it to someone who will be at Border's this Monday night.  The deadline is next weekend, so if you can't make Border's, give Cathrine a call at 602-509-3307 or e-mail cath226@cox.net to make delivery arrangements. Regina has volunteered to take a few items down to Tucson and a a few of the Tuscon Guild representatives will deliver all of the handmade items in November. We will report on how that went.

Veteran scarves can be turned in at Border's as well. But if you aren't done with them, never fear! The scarf deadline isn't until our November meeting.

Keep in knitting your personally designed scarves for the December Holiday Party. As our tradition, we will also be collecting blankets for a large holiday donation to Project Linus. 

Everything you do for our Altruistic causes makes a huge difference in someone's life. Thank you so much for your hard work, time, and talent. You are all amazing!



(June Whisel at the September meeting with a verigated multidirectional scarf.)





Just to clarify, Esperanca items are collected all year long.  Plan on bringing your contributions to the February and March meetings for the Spring Distribution.  Check out some of the people who have recieved our handmade creations!











    Shop Talk - Unwind

                              by Regina Esposito

This will be the first of what I hope will be many “shop” reports. Please don’t hesitate to make requests of shops you’d like to see mentioned in this “new” feature of our Newsletter.

This September I had occasion to visit a very lovely yarn shop in Burbank California, located in the Shadow of Warner Brothers Movie Studio. The shop is called Unwind. Don’t you just love the name? Unwind promotes knitting for bodies and minds to “unwind”. I found this shop via the HBO program Six Feet Under where one of the characters learns to knit….

On the day of my visit, a Tuesday, there were 2 people sitting and knitting with Stephanie Steinhaus, the owner, (a fellow New Yorker) who was eating her lunch. One of the knitters had her little dog along in a basket on a chair. I was told the dog does knit modeling! 

I found the shop to be warm, well lit, friendly and loaded with fine quality yarns. In the back of the shop was the aforementioned table and chairs. The front and middle of the shop had comfortable chairs to sit amongst the colorful yarns. I picked up 2 balls of sock yarn called Summer Sox by Classic Elite Yarns. Unfortunately, for me, I had arrived just after a week-end sock class where all the #1 sock needles had been purchased by the attendees.

This shop does on-line sales. You may have already seen event information that I forwarded to our website a few weeks back. You can sign-up too! Visit http://www.unwindyarn.com. Once on line you can see the list of classes they offer as well as yarns, and project ideas. Should you have occasion to be in the Burbank, CA area I would urge you to visit this shop. (818 N Hollywood Way, Burbank CA 91505, phone # is 818 840 0800.)

Knit On! 


Jessica Knits - 10401 E McDowell Mountain Ranch Road, Scottsdale 85255 http://jessicaknits.com/SALE.htm . Will have their Sixth Anniversary Sale 10/20 to the 31st. Watch the webite for more news.

Tempe Yarn & Fiber in Tempe AZ. 1415 E University Drive, Tempe 85281 www.tempeyarn.com

1) They now have Customer Appreciation Cards.

Fill 10 squares and get 15% off your next purchase. For every $20.00 you spend (before taxes) you get a stamp on your card!!!!

2) Starting Sunday 10/17/10 they will be opened Sunday's from Noon to 5 PM.

Bonnies Yarn now open Mon. - Sat.  10-4 AND will be opened Sunday 10/17 & 10/24 from noon to 4pm
      -  Sunday 10/24 class $20.00 Felted Entrelac Tote Bag class 10 AM to noon info @ www.bonniesyarncrafts.com

Knitting in the future.......


Let's not lie. If you are a knitter, you have a stash. If you are in denial, then let me clarify. You have yarn hidden in cabinets, under bed, in closets, and anywhere else that is was once an empty space in the house that happens to be the same size as a skein of yarn. Preferrably, these pockets of treasures are out of sight of spouses and children and pets to keep them safe. Often times, you forget where you put them, and either cry with joy when you stumble upon them during spring cleaning, or simply buy more to replace it (you could have used it for all you remember, so you need more, right?). 

Many of us make solid efforts to use it all, or save the good stuff for a project that you know will scream for that make and color. But let's face it, sometimes, there is yarn that just isn't your style. You knit, and so someone gave it to you thinking that you could use it. But as knitters, we know better. Not all yarns are teh same, and not all bring us the same kind of joy and satisfaction. So what to do, what to do........

 Hiding these skeins would be the easiest option, but then that would take up valuable space for something you would rather work with. Or you could use these skeins for scarves for Esperanca and teh holiday party.  But if you jsut can't bring yourself to work with something, or if you find yourself 1 skein short on a project, here's a suggestion via Lesley Fry: Visit YarnFind.com.  It is an easy to use site to buy, sell, or donate yarn that you need, or need to get rid of. Most sales are single skeins for when you can't quite finish your project and need a little more. The site is easily laid out, and self explanitory. The blog doesn't appear to have been updated since 2009, but then again, who has time to read blogs when there is knitting to do?

If you currently use Ravelry.com for this, but still can't find what you are looking for, YarnFind may be the site for you.


Get your party socks on! (are they hand knit?)

The Holiday Party is coming up! Flyers detailing information on the menu, and the scarf contest have been posted under Latest News on the website. But in case you haven't heard yet, here are some of the highlights! 

When:   December 6, 2010 
Where:  Romano's Macaroni Grill
             Scottsdale Rd & Gold Dust Ave.
Time:   Doors Open at 5:30PM 
            The fun starts at 6PM! 
Cost:    $28.00 per Member
             $33.00 per Guest

RSVP tp Francine. Please print the flyer to give to Francine with your dinner payment.

We are going to knit scarves that you design for Esperanca and we will turn them in at this year's Holiday Party. We encourage you to write down and duplicate your pattern in case others would like to knit your creation(s) (and they may just go on our wenbsite!). We will be giving prizes in a number of categories at the Holiday Party.


Select a stitch from your favorite stitch book (or borrow a book from a guild member) and select a yarn that you've wanted to try. Perhaps you have such a yarn in your stash! Please select a stitch that isn't very lacy (we are shooting for warmth here).


·       To retain heat, please refrain from open work that is greater than 1/3 of the total area.

·       Scarves should be 5 - 12 inches wide and 48 - 60 inches long

·       Please use size 7 - 10 needles

·       Yarn can be light, medium or bulky weight in a solid color to show off your unique pattern. Any fiber content is okay!

·       You may knit as many scarves as you'd like.

·       Please attach the Scarf Contest Entry Form found on the flyers under Latest News to each entry.



 Spooktacular Knits

It is not to late to knit  for Halloween. Here is some inspiration:

This adoreable costume can be found in the book Wacky Baby Knits by Alison Jenkins
The creator of this cool Ram and the scary monster below have patterns, in case you need them at the blog Things & Ideas ( as well as many other ideas, check out the squid head!)
This one is the best yet! no pattern, but you could probably figure something out! Find Katerina did. What knitter wouldn't want to go as this?

Found on Flicker (Amber Dorko), this costume could fuel free hand knitters:


This mask may turn heads, compliments of Spinning Jenny


Keep your eyes on thos candy gobbling kids with this pattern from Mary Jane, Midlge & Mink