September 2010


Cactus Needles Knitting Guild Meeting – September 13, 2010
In Attendance:

Cindy Adams
Judie Agee
Barbara Avrin
Velvet Dishon
Francine Ebersman
Regina Esposito
Fran Frazin
Larry Frazin
Lesley Fry
Dawn Goetz
Yvette Goldstein
Georgia Green
Sandy Grunow
Hilary Guberman
Barb Hahn
Harriet Lawrence
Cathrine McClure
Elizabeth Rees
Donna Sherrill
Betty Smith
Lisa Spaich
Cara Summerfield
Martie Warden
June Whisel
Jennifer Wujcik

The meeting was called to order at 6:30pm by Barb Hahn. 
Martie welcomed two visitors: Carolina Martinez and Chino Suzuki. She acknowledged five September birthdays: Georgia Green, Jennifer Bauman, Lorrie Schneider, Barb Hahn and Joann Mullen.
Secretary’s Report
Liz Rees made a motion, seconded by Francine, to approve the minutes as posted to the guild website.
Committee/Chair Reports
Altruistic – Cathrine McClure – We are continuing to collect for Esperanza, the Navajo project and Project Linus. We are no longer doing the Back to School project, but we are still collecting scarves for veterans. Articles for Esperanza can be either wool or acrylic. 
All articles for the Navajo project, which we are doing with the Tucson Guild, should be machine washable. Keep in mind that it gets very cold on the reservation. Knit articles in sizes up to 6th grade, but be aware that the children tend to be large. These items are due to the Tucson Guild by the end of October. A gift bag will be raffled off for all who submit items.
For Project Linus we are forming groups for log cabin afghans. There should be four to five in a group. Yarn is available from the Guild for this project. The first group to finish gets a gift of stitch markers.
Treasurer’s Report – Lisa Spaich – Lisa distributed the budget for this fiscal year totaling $1,950. We currently have a bank balance of $2,845.87. A motion was made by Regina, seconded by Georgia, to approve the budget. 
Web Editor – Cara Summerfield -- Cara reviewed a few ways to use the web site. Some officers have their own CNKG email address associated with their responsibilities. You can email them directly by clicking on “Contact Us”, then click on the drop-down menu next to “Subject” and you can then choose General Info, New Membership, Altruistic, Calendar, or Programs. Cara also reviewed how to use the calendar.
Francine read a note from Jackie Taylor to the Guild.
Strategic Planning – Francine noted that we received several yarn donations. A friend donated a bag of yarn. A major contribution came from Knitting in Scottsdale who gave Francine all their remaining yarn, books, buttons, patterns, needles, etc. We plan to have a sale for the benefit of the Guild.
February, 2012, is Arizona’s centennial anniversary. The Guild is going to create a centennial blanket. Francine is the administrator, Liz Rees is working on the design and Joann Mullen is handling the application process and educational duties. We are looking for volunteers to help with any aspect of this project. Contact Francine, Liz or Joann.
Old Business
Barb will post a list of who has signed up for the remainder of this fiscal year to “host your own knitting event”. Anyone is welcome to sign up. It can be in your home or any venue of your choosing. There can be more than one in a month.
New Business
Judie Agee talked about the “Craft for a Cause” contest sponsored by Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft. You can make and donate an item to your favorite charity. It must be submitted by Saturday, October 30. Purchase your yarn at Jo-Ann’s, complete an entry form and send it plus three photos of your item (not the item itself) and a copy of the receipt from Jo-Ann’s to their website. People can vote for the best item on the website. The winner gets $1,500 in gift cards.
Judie mentioned that Jo-Ann’s discount cards have changed. Judie distributed new cards for Project Linus. To use the card you have to register at Joann.com/VIP website. They will send you another card. When you shop, you have to show the card Judie gave us, the card sent from Jo-Ann’s and a photo I.D.
With Judie’s retirement from Project Linus, a new young woman is taking over the Project. Her name is Natalie. The next Project Linus Blanket Bee is October 23 in Fountain Hills from 9am to 4pm. Lunch will be served.
Martie talked about this year’s holiday party. We are each to design a scarf to bring to the party, along with the directions to complete the scarf.
Program – Knitting a poncho with Cathrine McClure
Cathrine explained how to knit a poncho for the Navajo project. The pattern will be uploaded to the Guild website. As mentioned earlier, all projects for the Navajo reservation must be completed by the end of October to be delivered to the Tucson Guild, who will then take them to the reservation.
Show and share concluded the meeting.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM.
Submitted by
Harriet Lawrence, Secretary