August/September 2010

Stitchin’ Times

August-September 2010

Letter from the President


Welcome to a new (fiscal) year of knitting. I am proud to be this year’s President and am looking forward to lots of good things to come.


If you were able to attend the July meeting, you were able to meet most of the Chairpersons and Officers. We all gave a feel for what we are trying to achieve, and there was a lot of energy in the room. A lot of great ideas were shared. 


If you’ve ever thought about getting involved now is the time. Do you see a committee that interested you? Do you see something that needs to be done that you would enjoy doing? Would you like to do something but have no ideas? Let us know. It is a fun and rewarding way to get involved. No matter how small you may think your contribution will be, it will be welcome. 


I look forward to serving as your President and welcome your suggestions and participation. 


Until we meet again, keep on knitting!
Barb Hahn
CKNG President

Meet a Member!

Thank you Cara for bringing the newsletter back to life.

In future editions we will spotlight new members in this section, but this month I would like to introduce our new Executive Board. First our president Barb Hahn: She took over as president in July after serving as Vice President under Cara Summerfield for two years. Before that, she served as the secretary for a year.
Knitting is an escape for Barb. "I've tried many other crafts, but I never followed through. My husband is amazed that I have kept this up for as long as I have. This afternoon, when he was picking a place for lunch, he took into consideration the lighting so that I could knit while waiting. I love knitting, I love the people it has brought into my life, and I love the altruistic aspect of the Guild and the ability to give back the blessings I have received in my life".
Barb would like to focus the guilds efforts on getting everyone to get involved and lend a hand to the Guild. To accomplish this she has gathered a great group of people to fill board positions. Barb joined the guild in 2006. She knitted as a child, but didn't keep with it. One day as an adult, about five years ago, she picked up her needles and gave it another try. There's no stopping her now!

Our Vice president, Dawn Goetz, will be bringing us interesting programs throughout the coming year. She previously served as the guilds secretary. Dawn joined the guild in 2008! 

Lisa Spaich our Treasurer has been serving in that position for a couple years. She joined the guild in 2008. Thanks Lisa for keeping our finances in order! 

Harriet Lawrence will be serving as Guild Secretary, making sure that everyone gets the information from every meeting. She will post the meeting minutes after our monthly meeting, so be sure to read through them if you are unable to attend. You won’t want to miss out on all the important information! Harriet has been knitting off and on since high school, and joined the guild in 2008!

For more information on these people, visit the Meet the Officers section of the website. Thank you to the new board members for serving the guild.


Next issue…meet a new member!


The NEW Master Hand Knitting Program from TKGA is now being rolled out!
All three levels have been revised for clarity and content.

First to be sent will be the back orders. (IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT contact TKGA to make sure you’re on the list to get yours. If you’ve placed a new order or an order for an update, you are already on the list. Give us a little time to catch up. If after a month you haven’t received yours, THEN contact us.)

TKGA is excited to release a new version created by Committee Advisor Arenda Holladay with input from all members of the TKGA Master Hand Knitting Committee. They've done an outstanding job! You’ll love how clear the instructions are. When you get it, read everything all the way through before you start knitting and you will find most of your questions are already answered. 

If you’re one of those who has thought about doing the Masters Program, there’s never been a better time to start than now. Read all about it at http://www.tkga.com/mastersprogram.shtm and place your order online at https://www.e-offinger.net/tkgadata/scriptcontent/TKGAshoppick.cfm.

Have fun working through this great program. We look forward to listing your name soon on the Master Knitter roster found at the bottom of http://www.tkga.com/mastersprogram.shtm !



Did you get a chance to listen to Jackie Awerman on NPR?  Don't worry, its not too late!

On Thursday, July 29th, Jackie was on a show called Gulf Coast Live Arts Edition out of Florida. She spoke to host John Davis about theraputic benefits of knitting from smoking cessation to spiritual communion.
Jackie followed a stained glass artist who talked about the process of creating stained glass ans its rise in accessability. If you can get through those 23 minutes, Jackie's enthusiasm for knitting bursts through the speakers. It is well worth the wait!
Jackie has recently began a new program at a Florida high school called "Knit to Quit" to aid students with breaking nicotine addiction. She called out a plea for grants and help with the program.  She spoke to callers, and discussed the various implied effects that knitting can have on ones health and wellness.
But the best part of the show was when she gave a shoutout to CNKG. We are famous!
If you missed it, never fear. You can still listen. There is a link on the WGCU website. But that may not be the end of Jackie's stardom. After listening to the show, a local Sarasota (FL) producer wants to do a knitting show with her. She is hoping that if it gets shot, she can put it on SKYPE so we can watch from afar. More info to follow...............

Its Back to School time! 

Wonder what all those kitties out there will learn this year?

Clickety click go the needles creating masterpieces for the latest altruistic project. As knitters, we have natural desires to make things for other people. And as hard as it is for us to accept, we can't knit for eveyone. Which is why social knitting is always such a pleasure. I think we sometimes feel we are knitting for more people when we help keep company to those who are also knitting for others. Yet, there are still so many naked necks out there. So how do we go about supporting all those other knitters out there?

This is an amaxing organization. It gives loans to people around the world trying to make a living. If you want to loan money to a needy busness man or woman, you can search by country or trade. And what makes Kiva so excepional is that the money you loan is just that, a loan. Each business person who receives the funds has a specified amount of time to pay you back. Once the loan is re-paid, you get to do it again. You can choose the same business, or find someone new to support.

A few years ago I received a gift certificate to Kiva. With needles in hand, I went straight to the knitters. I selected women, arts, and South America, and the database brought up a variety of people who were looking for money to improve their business. I have been repaid multiple times, and continued to discover amazing people in places I have never been who needed help. It is one way I can continue to support knitters abroad. It is a happier world when one more knitter can make a sweater, especially when that sweater is what helps raise a family. Check it out at Kiva.org .


Yes! You can Do it!

Ever tried to design the perfect graphic in a knitted good only to find absolute frustration? Did you draw your design out first? Did you try to write the directions?

Now your life may be a whole lot easier. Pictureknitting.com has a great explanation on how to create your own graph paper. Common sense kicks in when you read the tutorial.

Putting just any graph paper into the printer may not work, due to stitches per inch for teh yarn and needles sizes youare using. So knitting a swatch first will be essential in order for your picture to come out to scale.

It may take a little practice, but they have it down. Check it out today, and start creating an image in your next project!