August 2010


Cactus Needles Knitting Guild Meeting – August 2, 2010
In Attendance:
Judie Agee
Velvet Dishon
Francine Ebersman
Regina Esposito
Fran Frazin
Lesley Fry
Dawn Goetz
Yvette Goldstein
Georgia Green
Sandy Grunow
Barb Hahn
Harriet Lawrence
Donna Sherrill
Betty Smith
Lisa Spaich
Cara Summerfield
Martie Warden
Jennifer Wujcik
The meeting was called to order at 6:30pm by Barb Hahn. 
Martie acknowledged four August birthdays: Cindy Adams, Jane Berezin, Michael Smith and Lesley Fry. We welcomed six new members: Barbara Avrin, Joan Barker, Hillery Guberman, Nancy Patchell, Laurie Schneider, and Kim Wiggins.
Secretary’s Report
There were several corrections to the minutes. Fran made a motion, seconded by Regina, to approve the minutes as corrected which will be posted to the guild website.
Committee/Chair Reports
Altruistic – Velvet Dishon – Velvet announced that Esperanza will be going to Bolivia to deliver scarves, hats, whatever we have. We are hoping to work with the Tucson guild to knit for the Navaho Nation. In September we will be forming teams to work on log cabin blankets. We were asked to think about a team of members who live within close proximity to each other in order to easily pass the blanket along. In October we will work on scarves for veterans.
Treasurer’s Report – Lisa Spaich – We currently have $2,680. Lisa asked all committees to submit budget requests as soon as possible.
Web Editor – Cara Summerfield -- Cara will be posting a newsletter within the next week. She asked that articles be submitted to her as soon as possible. Next month Cara will give us a tutorial on what is on the website.
Valley Events – Regina Esposito – Knitting in Scottsdale is still in business with a lot still for sale. Their website will remain after they close and they will continue to write patterns, etc. Knit Happens is at their new location at 8100 Indian School Road, Suite 105, next to KFC. It is larger and there is more parking. Tempe Yarn & Fiber is hosting JC Briar from September 23 to the 25th. Check their website for a list of the classes she will be teaching. Note that TY&F is now offering fiber dying classes.
Tempe Yarn & Fiber and Knit Happens are both open to having knit-ins at their shops.
Old Business
Francine Ebersman spoke about an NPR presentation by Jackie Awerman who spoke about the Therapeutic Benefits of Knitting and the Knit to Quit program. Jackie mentioned Cactus Needles Knitting Guild and altruistic knitting. We will be sent the internet link.
Shop Owner Membership – Barb asked Martie to come up with a proposal to present to the board.
Host your own knitting event – We might need a back-up for August, so please let Barb know if you can host August’s event. Donna Sherrill will host the guild at her home on September 11. 
Francine explained our monthly planned meetings to new members. All events are listed on the website calendar.
Judie Agee mentioned that the Project Linus Blanket Bee is August 14 at the Fountain Hills Community Center. General Dynamics is serving lunch.
New Business
Job Openings – Barb would like someone to take over “Host your own knit-together”.
Program – Knitting with Velvet
Velvet shared techniques for knitting a baby sweater. Patterns for baby and child cardigans and slipper socks were distributed.
Show and share concluded the meeting.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 PM.
Submitted by
Harriet Lawrence, Secretary