July 2010

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Cactus Needles Knitting Guild Meeting – July 12, 2010


In Attendance:

Regina Esposito

Lesley Fry

Sue Garber

Dawn Goetz

Georgia Green

Barb Hahn

Harriet Lawrence

Cathrine McClure

Liz Rees

Donna Sherrill

Betty Smith

Martie Warden

Jennifer Wujcik

The meeting was called to order at 6:30pm by Barb Hahn.  She introduced herself as the new President, stating that she hopes to carry on what Cara accomplished as President and would like to see more people involved in the Guild.



Martie acknowledged two July birthdays:  Fran Frazin and Cathrine McClure.  We welcomed five guests:  Lorrie Schneider, Jeannie Gelfand, Joan Barker, Kim Wiggins and Karen Thompson.


Secretary’s Report

There was a motion by Martie, seconded by Liz, to approve the minutes as posted to the guild website.


Committee/Chair Reports


Altruistic – Cathrine McClure –Cathrine announced that we will not be doing squares any more for Project Linus; we will do round robin afghans instead.  We can form groups of 4 or 5 people according to where members live to make it easier for the afghan to be passed from person to person.  We will continue to make helmet liners for Esperanza.  Instead of knitting for Back to School, we will consider knitting scarves, mittens and hats for the Indian Reservations.


Cathrine discussed putting more altruistic information on the website, such as patterns, requirements, where to send finished items, etc.


Valley Events – Regina Esposito

Regina visited Tempe Yarn & Fiber.  The first Wednesday of each month they host a pot luck lunch.  Note that they have relocated.  Knit Happens is having a summer sale.  Spend $50 to $100 for a 10% discount, $100 to $200 for 15%, and $200+ for 25%.  They are relocating across the street to 8050 Indian School Road, next to KFC.  Fiber Factory is open Tuesday through Saturday.  They host a Happy Hour on Fridays.  Identify yourself as a member of CNK, since a percentage of your purchase goes towards a gift certificate to CNKG.  Knitting in Scottsdale is closing.


Since most of us travel, Regina suggested that we tell her about knit shops we go to in other towns and states.  That info could be posted on our website.


Treasurer – Lisa Spaich  -- Lisa was not at the meeting; therefore, there was no Treasurer’s Report.  Please remember that dues for July 1 through June 30 are due.


Web Editor – Cara Summerfield – Cara was not at the meeting.  Barb said that Cara is working on a newsletter and Cara will let us know when she needs articles.


Old Business

Cynthia Peplinski is hosting the July knit-together.


New Business

There was no new business.


Program --  CNKG 101

Dawn introduced the program.  Board and Committee members spoke about their plans and expectations for the year. 


Treasurer -- Lisa is working on a way to present the financial report to the members on a monthly basis.  There was an explanation of how our dues are used.


Strategic Planning – Barb read Francine’s report.  This is a new committee, comprised of past Presidents to provide oversight and direction to the president and board.  The goals will be set with the president and reviewed annually.  Membership will rotate.  The current committee is chaired by Francine with Cara Summerfield, Liz Rees & Jackie Taylor as members.


Membership – Marti discussed ways that we could involve knit shops in our membership, such as linking them to our web site, giving them a special rate for dues, inviting them to do a program at a meeting, hosting a special sale night for them at a meeting.  Other suggestions were to give the shops an honorarium membership for a specific time, have a meeting in a shop, have a ‘yarn-tasting’ in a shop, offer an ‘associate’ membership if they will put a blurb about our guild on their website.  We will discuss all these suggestions further.


Marti also wants to reintroduce a package for new members.  This would include a welcome letter from the guild president, instructions on setting up their profile on the guild website, possibly some pattern instructions, guild business cards and a guild tape measure. 


Altruistic – Cathrine had discussed most of her topics earlier.  She asked everyone to get involved by helping someone else or taking on an altruistic project yourself.


Georgia recommended that we have some type of a ‘Distinctive Service’ award that can be presented to members who have done something special for the guild during the year or over a period of time.  This will be discussed.


Show and share concluded the meeting.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:15pm.


Submitted by

Harriet Lawrence, Secretary