February 2010

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Cactus Needles Knitting Guild Meeting – February 1, 2010

In Attendance: Cindy Adams Judie Agee Susan Albadwi Velvet Dishon Carole Byrne Francine Ebersman Regina Esposito Larry Frazen Fran Frazen Lesley Fry Sue Garber Dawn Goetz Georgia Green Sandy Grunow Barb Hahn Harriet Lawrence Kay McCartney Sandi McDonald JoAnn Mullen Darlene Ong Mary Schirtzinger Betty Smith Lisa Spaich Cara Summerfield Jackie Taylor Marti Warden June Whisel Jennifer Wujak

The meeting was called to order at 6:38 p.m., and Cara greeted the attendees.

Membership June noted that next month we will have a “get to know you” group activity. Happy birthday to Cara, today!

Secretary’s Report There was a motion by Francine which was seconded by June to approve the minutes as posted to the guild website.

Committee/Chair Reports

Altruistic Yarn was passed out to members who volunteered to knit 11 x 11 inch cable pattern squares. Thank you to Lesley, Susan, Jennifer, Georgia, Fran, Harriet, Darlene, Barb, Larry, Velvet and Regina. The knitters were reminded to please slip the first stitch of each row, as if to purl.

Valley Events Betty told the membership about sales, specials, and happenings at various local yarn shops.

Bonnie’s has 72 bins of yarn marked 40% off. Sally’s Knits in Glendale has a shelf of yarn marked up to 90% off – keep in mind to keep prices as low as possible, Sally’s does not accept credit or debit cards. Knitting in Scottsdale continues to offer 25% off all yarn. They are also giving out a “lottery ticket” for each $50 in purchases. A drawing is held weekly for a $50 gift certificate. The Fiber Factory in Mesa is open until 9:00 on Mesa’s Friday Night Out – they also work on charity knitting projects – their current project is helmet liners. Jessica Knit’s annual Super Bowl sale begins Wednesday.

Treasurer Lisa announced there is currently $2,450 in the bank.

Old Business Harriet is the hostess for the February knit together on the 13th at 12:00 – please RSVP. The March knit together will be hosted by Joyce – the date will be announced.

New Business Dates for the retreat were voted on by members planning to attend. The consensus date is March 26 0 28th. Francine and Lisa will assist Cara with the planning of the retreat. Those who attend will be asked to bring their own sheets and towels. Cara showed pictures of the dude ranch where the retreat will be held.

Francine discussed the nominating committee which will be appointed in March. The guild’s immediate past president is the chair of the nominating committee and there are two additional committee members. The nominating committee selects a slate of officers which will be presented to the membership in April. The officers to be slated by the nominating committee include the a) President, b) Vice President, c) Treasurer, and d) Secretary. Committee chairs are appointed by the president and are not selected as part of the nominating committee process. Talk to Cara or Francine if you are interested in being on the nominating committee

Program Georgia provided interactive instructions to the membership on double knitting.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:33 p.m.

Submitted by Dawn Goetz, Secretary