October 2009

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Cactus Needles Knitting Guild
Meeting – October 5, 2009

In Attendance:
Cindy Adams
Judie Agee
Jane Berezin
Penny Celmins
Velvet Dishon
Francine Ebersman
Fran Frazin
Lesley Fry
Sue Garber
Dawn Goetz
Yvette Goldstein
Georgia Green
Barb Hahn
Harriet Lawrence
Kay McCartney
Cathrine McClure
Sandra McDonald
Linda Mirza
Elizabeth Rees
Kay Scaccia
Donna Sherrill
Lisa Spaich
Cara Summerfield
Jackie Taylor
Bev Walker
Martie Warden
June Whisel

The meeting was called to order at 6:34 p.m.

Cara greeted the attendees and wished a happy birthday to the Guild. 

June introduced guests Kay Scaccia and Linda Mirza, as well as new member Yvette Goldstein.

A sympathy card was passed around to be signed by the members for Mary, who passed away.  Mary was one of the Tempe knitters. 

Secretary’s Report
Members were given the opportunity to propose any changes and/or corrections to the September meeting minutes.  There was a motion by Francine which was seconded by Georgia to approve the minutes as posted on the Guild website. 

Velvet gave a presentation and demonstration of how to open and run an on-line store through Etsy and 1,000 Markets.  She discussed the strengths and weaknesses of each site, along with an outline of the fees charged by both sites. 

Committee/Chair Reports

Velvet collected Veteran scarves, Back-to-School knitting, and items for Esperanca. 

There will be no yarn passed out at the October, November, or December meetings, but Velvet reminded everyone to keep knitting for Project Linus, as blankets will be collected at the holiday party in December. 

Francine passed out directions for a Holiday Party Contest – knit at least one 10x10 inch square between now and the holiday party.  The squares should be made with worsted weight, machine washable yarn, in the pattern of your choice.  There will be prizes awarded in two categories: 1) quantity, and 2) creativity. 

Jackie showed a completed Nascar challenge blanket.

Valley Events
Betty was unable to attend the meeting.

Cindy noted she will be teaching classes at The Yarn Place & Gallery.

Lisa noted that e-mail reminders were sent to approximately 6 members who have not yet paid dues. 

Old Business
Mary Schirtzinger will host the October knit together – no date has yet been set – e-mails will be sent when details are available.

The November knit together will November 14, hosted by Penny at The Farm.

New Business
Old Pueblo Knitting Guild will be holding a fashion show November 7th.  Francine passed out registration forms, and will coordinate those who want to car-pool and sit together at the luncheon.  Please return your registration form and check (payable to Old Pueblo Knitting Guild) to Francine by October 15. 

The holiday party is scheduled for December 7th and will once again be held at Romano’s Macaroni Grill.  The menu will be similar to last year – you will choose your entrée at the party.  The annual gift exchange will take place at the party.  If you wish to participate, bring a new, knitting related item valued around $15. 

The program for the November meeting will be the yarn exchange. 

Show and share concluded the meeting. 

The meeting was adjourned at 8:24 p.m.

Submitted by

Dawn Goetz, Secretary