July 2009

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Cactus Needles Knitting Guild
Meeting – July 6, 2009

In Attendance:
    Judie Agee
    Susan Albadwi
    Jane Berezin
    Velvet Dishon
    Francine Ebersman
    Regina Esposito
    Norma Flattum
    Fran Frazin
    Larry Frazin
    Lesley Fry
    Dawn Goetz
    Patricia Hill
    Cathrine McClure
    Darlene Ong
    Mary Schirtzinger
    Donna Sherrill
    Betty Smith
    Lisa Spaich
    Cara Summerfield
    Jackie Taylor
    Bev Walker
    Jennifer Wujcik
The meeting was called to order at 6:31 p.m.

Cara noted that this is the first meeting of the guild’s new fiscal year.  She also explained that we will be taking attendance at the meetings.  A membership list was passed around for everyone to sign/initial reflecting their attendance – if your name is pre-printed on the list; your dues have been paid for the current year.  Space is provided to write in the names of attendees and guests who have not yet paid dues. 

Bev Walker welcomed new members – Susan Albadwi, Jane Berezin, and Patricia Hill, as well as Susan’s guest - Norma Flattum.

Secretary’s Report
The minutes of the June meeting had been posted to the website, however the reminder e-mail was not received by the members, thus approval of the minutes for the June meeting was tabled.

Committee/Chair Reports

Francine followed up on open altruistic projects, including the Southwest ribbed squares and the Fish.  She also distributed the yarn and pattern for paw print blanket squares to volunteers Darlene, Judie, Jane, Donna, Jennifer, Larry, Lesley, Cathrine, and Fran.   Thank you volunteers, and also, thank you to Francine and Joann Mullen for their efforts in coordinating the guild’s altruistic projects for the past year.  

Regina and Velvet announced that there will be a NASCAR blanket challenge for Project Linus which will be presented at the August meeting.

Judie reminded everyone that any blankets for Project Linus containing wool need to be tagged.

Valley Events
Bev announced that there will be knitting workshops September 18 and 19 with Valentina Devine in Prescott, sponsored by A Good Yarn in Prescott.

Cara noted that she has posted altruistic patterns to the website. 

Lisa reminded the officers and committee chairs to submit their budget requests for the coming year.  A proposed budget will be submitted for membership approval at the August meeting.

Old Business
Currently no one has signed up to host knit togethers for August, September, October, or November.  Cara passed around a sign-up sheet and strongly encouraged people to host a knit together.  These are great social gatherings and give everyone a chance to get to know each other.  Francine also pointed out that knit togethers can be held anywhere – your home, a restaurant, or elsewhere.  No elaborate planning or expense is necessary.  Velvet reminded everyone to check the calendar when choosing dates for knit togethers to avoid conflicts with Project Linus blanket bees, and Westminster Village dates.

New Business
Cara asked the attendees if there would be interest in having a retreat for the guild in the fall.  The response was positive, and Cara knows of a potential location – a former dude ranch, so she will be looking for a volunteer to coordinate the retreat. 

Since July is typically a lower attendance month, the program for the evening was a combination Show & Share and Helping Hands.  Members shared their current projects, and offered suggestions to anyone with questions.

Jackie showed several completed altruistic projects made from challenges distributed in prior months.  These included a blanket made from the 6, 12, and 18 inch garter strips, a blanket composed of the 10 ½ inch garter stitch squares made from yarn donated by The Fiber Factory, and two orphan square blankets.   

Cara announced the program for August will be a back to school book sale.  Bring any knitting books you wish to donate, cash and/or your checkbook.  The proceeds from the sale will go to Project Linus.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:37 p.m.

Submitted by
 Dawn Goetz, Secretary